Student Health and Dental Benefits

Written by: Billie Clark

If you follow the TDSA on Facebook, or check your What’s Happening emails, or have walked past the library on the way to the Café, you might have noticed something: TrentU Durham students get health and dental coverage!

That’s right—the moment you enrol in any TrentU Durham classes, you are opted into the health and dental plan; it’s part of the ancillary fees that you pay along with your tuition.

For many students, this is great. After all, it covers a portion of the costs for prescription drugs, chiropractors, eye exams and glasses, and even some basic travel insurance, among many other benefits.  The plan this year is brand new to TrentU Durham—we’ve amalgamated with the benefit plan being offered at the Peterborough campus, and the plan has become more comprehensive because of it. You can even opt your family into the benefits plan, as long as you do so before the September 30th opt-in/opt-out deadline.

However, some students—myself included—are already covered by health and dental benefits, either through their parents, their jobs, or their spouses, and don’t need the extra coverage or the additional costs associated with it.

But that’s okay! If you are already covered, you can opt out of the benefit plan and receive a full refund.  In order to opt-out, you’ll need to know a little information about what coverage you already have, and your direct deposit information. The opt-out deadline is the end of this month: September 30—no extensions!  If you have all the information ready to go, opting out is quick and easy, but that doesn’t mean you should wait. As of today, you only have four more days to opt-out.

For more information on the plan, and to opt-out or opt-in (the opt-in deadline is also September 30!), check out the website, and feel free to talk to members of our Trent Durham Student Association if you have any more questions!

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