Useful Apps for University Students

Written by: Katherine Nocera

Hey everyone! I am always on the lookout for new ways to make my university life a lot easier. Aren’t we all? Recently, I accidentally came across various school apps in the Google Play Store (I am sorry, Apple users, if you’ve been offended). I had never even realized that there was a category labelled “education.” And when I opened the tab filled with the various school-related apps my life changed for the better. I probably couldn’t get any more dramatic, but it’s true. So much so that I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you guys!

Side note: All the apps I am suggesting are available in the Google Play Store. However, for all you Apple users, iTunes alternatives to the apps are listed! 🙂

  1. Student Agenda

my-student-agendaIf you have ever had a problem with organization I highly recommend you get this app. It is so simple to use and even better– it works! Just type in various school events and I promise you won’t forget an assignment due date or quiz. One feature I really like is that you can have the app send notifications to your phone. I would rename this app to: Grade Saver. Actually…more like Life Saver. Find it on Google Play!

iTunes Alternative: myHomework Student Planner

  1. Study

studyAnother app named, “Study”, is also a life saver in the sense that it will keep you productive. If you’re like me and sometimes like to procrastinate, instead of studying, this app will keep you on track. One of the cool features is that it keeps a study record of how long you studied and which subjects they were. This way you can record a study schedule and even breaks! Cool, huh? Find it on Google Play!

iTunes Alternative: Study Aid

  1. Podcast Republic

podcast-republicJust this year, I’ve started to explore the world of podcasts. I used to believe they were boring to listen to, and that I would rather be listening to Drake. But, let me tell you, podcasts can be interesting. The best free podcast app I’ve tried is: Podcast Republic. It even has a wide range of university related interests like psychology. Who knows? Maybe it will even inspire an idea for your lab assignment? Check it out! Find it on Google Play!

iTunes Alternative: Podcasts

Until next time…

Ciao. xx

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