I’ve Learned a Few Things

Written by: Katie Cassin

“We didn’t learn anything in that class” is something that I hear on occasion that really gets me fired up. Although I don’t see every class as equally entertaining, I certainly think that I’ve learned at least something from each of the classes that I’ve spent hours and hours sitting in. So, I’m challenging myself to go through every class that I’ve taken at Trent to see what I’ve learned in one short sentence each. So, here I go!

Intro to Sociology pt.1: Marxism, Structural functionalism, feminism, conflict theory, and other stuff.

Intro to Psychology pt. 1: “Hippocampus” makes me think of a college full of Hippos.

Philosophy of Knowledge: Philosophy profs aren’t entertained by ‘Matrix’ references.

Truth, Lie, and Storytelling: Satire can be pretty twisted sometimes.

Intro to Sociology pt. 2:  The Vancouver 2011 riot wasn’t just a meaningless event.

Intro to Psychology pt.2:  Environment is an important piece in studying the brain.

Intro to Moral and Political Philosophy: Morality isn’t cut and dry.

Love and Hate: English is fun!

Revolution: It’s important to recognize and analyze the features of different political systems.

Popular Fiction: Literature is filled with extraordinary characters doing extraordinary things.

Social Inequality: ‘Equality’ doesn’t always mean ‘equity’.

Intro to Cognitive Psychology: Psychology is hard.

Philosophy of Love and Desire: ‘Boogie Nights’ can be a class topic of conversation.

Shakespeare for the Classroom: Sense of space is important in theatre.

Introduction to Film: The 20th Century saw massive developments in film that are each very important.

Sociology of Gender: There is a large spectrum that we should be aware of.

African Literature: Apartheid texts have many universal themes.

Modern Fiction: Free indirect discourse is writing freely when a character slips in and out of consciousness.

Literature and the Environment: Many works about Canadian land are in search of identity.

Producing Punk: Punk is not uniform.

Modern Drama: Sad people doing sad things.

Contemporary Canadian Literature: I love studying Canadian Literature.

Foundations in Restoration to Romantic Literature: A time in history for reason.

Theatre Workshop Staging: Being on stage is about breathing. Breathe out the line. Always.

Performing Shakespeare for Children: Children’s entertainment must be about returning to play.

Television in Canada: The CBC should thrive despite its struggles.

New Media Literacies: The way we are exposed to digital media is as important as the content that we are exposed to.

And there it is. Three years of learning, all summarized on one page.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in thinking that our education is taking to long, and not getting to the end fast enough. But, we ARE learning, and we’re becoming better people because of it. So, maybe try this exercise, if that’s what you call this. Think of every one of your classes, and one thing that you’ve learned for each. It might surprise you. I know it surprised me.


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