10 Ways I Deal With Stress

Written by: Katie Cassin

Let’s be real, this time of year is more than a little bit stressful. Assignments and midterms are piling up, some of us are consumed with the paralyzing question of what we are going to do next year, we have fewer hours of beautiful sunlight, along with millions of other things. I’m not going to lie, I am going through a rough time, myself. I’m not going to tell you that being stress free is the best feeling in the world and that I am on the other side of all this stress, because I’m not. I am deep in it, my friends.

As a student who has dealt with anxiety for a number of years, I can admit that I’m a stresser. I stress about the little things, like walking into the library, and the big things like figuring out what I want to do with my life. Needless to say, I’ve dealt with plenty of stress before. But, that doesn’t go to say that I don’t have a freak out when I think that I don’t know how to write a sentence the day before a due date. But I know that I’ve successfully dealt with stress in a number of ways. And maybe this is a blog post to help someone who’s stressing out there, but it’s also a reminder to myself in this tough time, that there are outlets that have worked and will continue to work when things continue to get hard.

Here’s some ways that I have dealt with stress in the past:

  • Breath in a square – Yeah it sounds ridiculous, but it works. 4 breaths in while drawing a horizontal line with my figure, hold breathe for 4 seconds drawing a line vertically, breathe out for 4 seconds, and hold for 4 seconds.katie-stress-blog-1
  • Make a list of priorities – It’s easier to see that you should work on the assignment that are due soonest first, when you have it written down.katie-stress-blog-2
  • Meditate with Calm – It’s an app I have on my phone that guides me through short meditations, 2 minutes, 5, 10; whatever I have time for.katie-stress-blog-3
  • Reward yourself after completing something significant.katie-stress-blog-4
  • Get out of the house – I can get pretty bogged down in one space for too long, especially when I’m doing school work. So, when I start to feel a little antsy, I leave the house. Go to the library, a café, the front Atrium. Anywhere.katie-stress-blog-5
  • Drink tea – Tea makes it all betterkatie-stress-blog-6
  • Think of your Track Record – I’ve gotten through it before, I can do it again.katie-stress-blog-7
  • Go to the gym – Sweat it out. Even if I haven’t gone in weeks.katie-stress-blog-8
  • Log thoughts in the Pacifica appDon’t fear the stress, track it. See your improvement.katie-stress-blog-9
  • Know that you can’t avoid stress, but there are always ways to deal with it – You’ve got this. We’ve got this!!katie-stress-blog-10

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