A Reading Week “To Do” List

Written by: Billie Clark

Alright guys, we’ve done it! We managed to pull through the first half of the semester and are looking forward to Reading Week starting on Monday. An entire week without classes! This is the sort of thing you brag about when your friends don’t have a fall Reading Week, but we all know that you shouldn’t just spend the week goofing off.

Personally, I know that I have a tendency to let myself down over Reading Week. I know that every year I have assignments to work on, readings to do, midterms to study for, and usually some sleep to catch up on—and usually I manage to still leave it all until the last day because I leave behind most of my work ethic with my classes. This is some critical mismanagement on my part, so I am using this blog to share some options so that none of us are in a last-minute, Netflix-induced, post-Reading Week scramble.

  1. Study On Campus

This year, the Academic Mentoring Program will once again be hosting the “Put the Read in Reading Week” event on campus.  When you come in to study on campus, you get a ballot for every hour you spend working. The ballot enters you in a draw to win a Chapters gift card—which more than enough reason for me to come and study at the school for a day or two!

  1. Regulate My Study Breaks

I tend to over-indulge in study breaks, to the point that I can spend more time on break than I do working. That is something I am going to be working on this Reading Week, especially as I review and read chapters from my textbooks. I’m going to make sure I read a full chapter before I take a study break, and I am going to monitor the amount of time I take for breaks. And I’m going to stop saying “I can watch just one episode,” because, from experience, I clearly can’t.

  1. Work at a Table

When I’m doing work at home, I tend to hole up in my bedroom and chill out on my bed—attempting to do work, rather. I find that the comfort distracts me.  I learned in my third year that I can work very well lying on a floor, on my stomach, or sitting on the floor. But it is best for me if I work at my kitchen table: the height is good, the chairs don’t have arms so I can sit on them cross-legged, and there are no distractions like a television or a shelf of manga just outside the door.

If I do these three things, I know that my Reading Week will be a lot more productive, but I’ll still be able to relax. If you have any tips or tricks or plans for Reading Week, feel free to comment!

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