Halloween Hurrah!

Written by: Billie Clark

As Reading Week winds down, and as the excitement of the first snowfall of year reminds us, Halloween is Monday. Yes, this Monday.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not entirely ready—I don’t have any real plans, I don’t have a costume planned, and I don’t even have any candy!

If you’re like me, I’ve got a few tips to make sure your Halloween hits all the fright notes:

  1. Pun Costumes are tops

I’m sure you’ve all seen the “Edgar Allen Ho” floating around social media for years by now, but pun-based costumes never get old. The Cereal Killer is a classic, and there are some easy and creative ones that you can find online. Dress up and annoy your friends with visual puns!

  1. Make it a Movie Night

A Monday night Halloween means that the big parties at clubs and bars will be happening this weekend, but if you want to get into the spooky spirit on the night, having a movie fest is a great way to do so. Grab some friends, some popcorn, and a box of mini chocolate bars, and your favourite Halloween flick. If you don’t think you can find anyone last-minute, or you don’t know what to watch: Come out to the AAA Movie Night, Monday from 5-7 pm in the TrentU Durham Café. They’ll be showing The Nightmare Before Christmas, so you can end Halloween and get into Christmas right away!

  1. Midnight Manhunt

The appeal of an early night lost on you? Can’t imagine being asleep before the Witching Hour on Halloween? Well, there is a Midnight event happening on campus that you might be interested in. Be part of the Midnight Manhunt and see what really makes the TrentU Durham campus a scary place, before the terror of midterms truly sets in. The event starts at 10 pm, and includes food, music, and games. Come in costume, and be prepared to run. Email Chris Nelan for more information.

           Bonus: Nov 1 Candy Sales

The best part of any Halloween is the sales on surplus treats. Stock up on tiny chocolates and chip grab boxes and make it through midterms on a diet of coffee and cheap treats*.

*Don’t actually do this—stay healthy and sleep well!

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