A Halloween Throwback: 90’s Movies

Written by: Katherine Nocera

Hey everybody, Happy Halloween! When flipping through the channels this time of year, I am always hit with major nostalgia. I am pretty sure that all 90s kids, especially, remember the cheesy Disney Channel Halloween movies that were watched over and over until October 31st. So I thought for today’s blog, I could whip you up a big bowl of nostalgia by listing my top three all-time favourite Halloween movies from the 90s.

#1 Hocus Pocus (1993)

katherine-halloween-1For those of you who are unfamiliar with the movie, it follows the lives of three sisters (The Sanderson Sisters) who were executed for partaking in witchcraft 300 years earlier on Halloween night. They return from the dead as a result of the spell spoken before their death and the actions of the new boy in town, Max. The sisters have one night, Halloween night 1993, to secure their immortality! Full Summary

There is not a more iconic Halloween trio than the Sanderson Sisters! My favorite part of the movie is definitely the unforgettable character traits of each sister and the chemistry they have together throughout the movie. The casting was spot on with that decision. Also, who remembers trying to use a vacuum cleaner as a magical broom stick? I sure do! And the iconic “I Put a Spell on You” number in the middle of the movie will forever be my go to Halloween song.

#2 Casper (1995)

katherine-halloween-2Every 90s kid has to remember the movie Casper. It follows the story of Kat and her dad Dr. Harvey who move into a house haunted by Ghosts. After all, it is Dr. Harvey’s job to get ghosts to cross over to the other side. Unexpectedly, it turns out that all ghosts are not as they seem, as Kat meets a friendly ghost named Casper. The rest of the movie follows Casper’s journey to become human again because he has fallen in love with Kat. Full Summary

This movie brings back so many memories for me. For one, I am convinced that the ending is the cutest and saddest ending of a Halloween movie of all time. It definitely was a tear jerker back in the day and I will not be lying that I still feel the same way today. On a side note, I am pretty sure that all girls from the 90s remember having a huge crush on Devon Sawa, the human version of Casper. He was definitely mine when I watched it for the first time!

#3 Halloweentown (1998)

katherine-halloween-3And of course, lastly, but certainly not least, the most well-known Disney Channel Halloween movie is Halloweentown. The first movie follows a 13-year old girl named Marnie Piper and her siblings who discover they are witches. After the parallel universe, Halloweentown, is under attack by evil forces, they must find a way to save the town. Full Summary

This movie is my most nostalgic movie of the three. It always got me excited for Halloween and I think it’s the most genius concept for a Halloween movie. Who wouldn’t want to go to a town filled with supernatural creatures and a giant pumpkin in the middle?



Does anyone remember these movies? I honestly have probably watched each one over 50 times! They take me back to the good old days in movies with horrible graphics and humongous glasses. But nonetheless, I could always remember being excited to watch them and they always managed to get me in the Halloween spirit. If you have any other favourite 90s Halloween movies feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Ciao. xx

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