It’s Entertainment! (for Cheap!)

Written by: Katie Cassin

If you’re like me, you’re probably looking for different ways to keep yourself entertained that don’t cost you money. Yes, I am cheap, and living is expensive. Part of what has drawn me to staying on campus is the fact that it’s free, and I am less tempted to spend money, and if I do spend, there’s little damage that I can do to my bank account.

Luckily our campus has cheap or even free events happening all the time. But, sometimes we aren’t aware of what’s going on. So, here are a few events that are happening in the next few weeks that you can look forward to!

  1. Gym Buddies

Cost: Free!


On Monday November 21st at 9am and Thursday November 24th at noon students that are interested in checking out the gym but are a little out of their depths (like myself when I first started going to the gym) or just want someone to workout with, can join us in walking to the Civic Centre for an hour workout. All are welcome!!

  1. Craft Time!

Cost: Free!


On Wednesday from noon-4pm come out to a craft event in the hallway in front of the library to make monster bookmarks. You’re textbooks will thank you.

  1. Trent Durham Snapchat Challenge

Cost: Free!


Here’s how it works: Get in groups, get a list of ridiculous challenges to complete, show evidence of it on your snapchat story, and win the prize! It’s gonna get real crazy, and real fun!! Email me:, if you have any questions 🙂

  1. What’s Appn’ing

Cost: Free!


On Tuesday November 22nd at noon Health promotions will be holding a luncheon where students are welcome to come and share their favourite apps that relate to school and general health.

  1. E.V.A. Holliday Party

Cost: 15$


On Friday November 25th at 6:30pm, this campus club will be having a holiday party that includes a plethora of diverse food, karaoke, desserts, games, and lots more! Welcome the holiday season with this great event!

There’s lots to do folks! I hope to see you at some of these events. And, if nothing here piques your interest, comment below with an event you would like to see on campus, and I will make it happen!

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