IMPROV Your Holidays!

Written by: Katie Cassin

Anyone that knows me know what great lengths I will go to to get people to come to my improv shows. I have promised coffees, cupcakes, foot massages, and I’m ashamed to say my soul (aka the guarantee that I will watch a Fast and Furious movie, which is pretty much the same thing). So here it goes, once again. My shameless plug:

The Trent Durham Improv Troupe is having our VERY FIRST SHOW to show off our chops, this Friday December 2nd at 7pm in Front Atrium. That’s I get to show off my team like a helmet-haired dance mom yelling “you go baby! Show em whatcha got”.

I’ve gotten one common question when I beg people to come to the show, and that is “so what will you be doing?”. Well, we will be playing improv games, of course! You maybe be imagining a group of us sitting on a stage, with our backs to you playing Duck, Duck, Goose, but I assure you that it isn’t that boring. So, let me give you a better picture of what we’ll be doing, and how these games are played…

1. Pocket lines

This is a game where audience members write sentences and our performers show you a scene while incorporating the sentences that you wrote.

2. Actor’s Nightmare

Two people are in the scene, one reads from the book that has been selected, whereas the other scene member must justify what’s being said.

3. Group story

It’s simple! We make a story right in front of your eyes, you pick the title.

These are only a few of the entertaining games we have planned to show you! So come swing by, since you’re looking for something fun to do. There will be Christmas cookies and everyone is encouraged to wear pyjamas.

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