Winter Wonderland

Written by: Billie Clark

Well, it has become abundantly clear that winter is most definitely here. When I left the house this morning, there was at least 15 cm of snow to contend with—I was just grateful that my dad and brother had shovelled a bit before they left for work!

I actually really like winter. Okay, not -15, -20 with the wind-chill, winter, but I am really comfortable between 0 and -10. I grew up playing hockey and figure skating (briefly—I watched a recital video, and I had to be carried off the rink). Winter sports are familiar and fun, and something I honestly missed when I lived in Wales.

So now the snow is here, and December 1st has come and gone, and I broke out my Swansea Christmas Jumper, I can start thinking of all the fun things to do during winter break.


Every year, I promise myself I will go. There are three rinks in my township, and each has different public skating hours, for a low price. My plan is to really get out there at the start of January, when I’ve got some time and lots of stress to burn off. As much as I enjoy playing hockey, I really love to just skate, as fast and hard as I can. It’s wonderful!


I try to hit the slopes at least once a winter, but would honestly love to go more. I’ve got my own set of skis and boots, and I love the feeling of speeding down hills. I’ve been skiing since about grade 6, so I’ve got some experience, but every year, that first run feels just as nerve-wracking as my first time. And I always need to talk myself into the ski lift, because my fear of heights makes itself known until about the third run. But despite the number of wonky falls I’ve had (and the one time I ran into the plastic fence at the bottom of a ski lift), skiing is something I look forward to every year.


When we got the first proper snow in November, my brother and I had a quick snowball fight. It is things like impromptu snowball fights, or building snowmen or igloos, or making snow angels, that make playing outside in the snow so fun. I always makes me feel like a kid, even at 22. Besides, if the wind isn’t too bitter, just taking a long walk and some pictures is a nice way to spend an afternoon or a day. I love it when everything looks like a greeting card!

So here we are, in winter. As much as we all complain about the weather, it isn’t actually that bad. Or, at least, it isn’t that bad all the time. So get outside, get some fresh air, and burn off some exam stress with a grand old time in a winter wonderland!

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