It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Written by: Billie Clark

Well, my exams are over and I get to start getting into the holiday mood. I went to the Oshawa Center over the weekend (and it was a mistake—it was so busy!) and wrapped up all my Christmas presents.

But this week, I’ll be cleaning my room, so it’s time to break out the carols and the Christmas movie marathons.

Here are some of my favourite holiday movies, in no particular order:

Die Hard


I know what you’re thinking: Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie! Actually, it is. The whole thing takes place at an office Christmas party, and it is super festive, if somewhat (read extremely) violent. And action-packed. Plus, there is carolling and Alan Rickman.

Love Actually


This is one of my favourite holiday films—the multiple overlapping narratives, the exploration of different types of love and loss, the sheer number of marvellous British actors, and the moments of absolute hilarity. And, on top of everything, there is carolling and Alan Rickman.

A Year Without a Santa Claus


This movie became one of my favourites because of Batman and Robin (the George Clooney one)—Mr Freeze forces his minions to sing Snow Miser’s song. When I eventually found the movie the song came from, I fell in love. Made in the same Claymation style as Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town, A Year Without a Santa Claus has some fantastic musical numbers. The Miser songs are wonderful, but I love it when Mrs Claus plans on taking over!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


I love Harry Potter, and all its iterations, but Harry’s first Christmas at Hogwarts truly brings out the feelings of holidays for me. So, even though almost all the Harry Potter movies have a Christmas (even if it is horrible and terrifying), the first movie has my favourite Christmas. And, it has Hogwarts in the snow and Alan Rickman.

White Christmas


I am an absolute sucker for musicals, and this one has it all—it is a musical, within a musical, about musicals. Irving Berlin’s classic tells the story of two two-man shows and snow-less season in Vermont. The score is beautiful, and the musical numbers are great—you’ve got classic vaudeville, and tap, and Rosemary Clooney. The dancing, the music, and the romance; White Christmas always makes me smile!

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