Single Pringles on the Holidays

Written by: Emma Fish

Raise your hand if you have ever had to go to a family function after a break up? A few people, okay, cool. It isn’t just me then.

Let’s fly past what is already implied by this scenario. The level of difficulty of trying to put on a happy face. The puffy eyes from a night or more full of crying. The cringing as your cousins’ partners arrive and all the lovey dovey crap starts.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about what really also doesn’t jive with our situation. The fear of being laughed at by our family members and the inevitable reminder of your ex that makes you cringe. The numbness that sets in when you sit there opening presents and think about how amazing it would have been to finally meet his family and see what he does over the holidays. This is what happens to me at least. A perfectly planned Christmas turns into a bunch of judgement because my boyfriend gets scared of his own emotions.

Is this fair? Not really, it’s crappy. But we can’t sway everyone to cushion our frailties or try to help them accept what they know is real. Inevitable reminders are, well, inevitable; they can’t be helped. You’ll see them everywhere; my best advice is try to avoid them or face them and tell yourself it isn’t your fault. I can’t look at the sign for Brock St without cringing or something else resembling pain.

If you are alone at home, curled up in bed, it is okay to cry. Let it out, it’s healthy. I know this might seem to be the hardest part, but try to do what you love still. Cuddle with your dog or cat on the couch, even if they aren’t allowed up there. Grab a book that has a special significance to you or just generally makes you happy. Play music: don’t be afraid to grab your guitar and become a Taylor Swift song! Just remember people love you, and if you need to talk then the best option is for you to try. Believe me, I know it’s hard. Don’t bottle it up.

Single Pringle signing off!

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