The Last Blog Post of the Year

Written by: Billie Clark

As the New Year approaches, people have started reminiscing on 2016. Facebook has posted their video of my posting trends for 2016; Tumblr has been listing their Top whatevers of 2016; the news stations are rehashing the top stories of 2016.

It’s crazy to think that I can hardly remember the start of 2016, now that we’re at the end of it. I remember the New Year’s Eve party I attended, then some highlights from my classes—then suddenly I was attending Anime North and graduating university—then it was September again. 2016 seemed to go by really fast, especially this second half of it. And, as of Saturday night (that’s tomorrow!!), it will be over.

With the end of the year, along with reminiscing, comes resolutions. I never stick to my New Year’s Resolutions—it’s one of my numerous bad habits—but I like to make them. Over the years, I’ve read that the best way to keep your resolutions is to make small or manageable changes: don’t expect yourself to do a complete overhaul overnight, otherwise you won’t be motivated to even try to stick to your resolutions.

My resolutions for 2017 are simple-ish. Eat better, exercise more. Try to read more novels, or plays, or things that aren’t manga and fanfiction. And try to curb my procrastination, and my spending. They don’t seem like huge challenges, but I already know that I have failed to pick up exercise routines for years. And my house is currently full of chocolate, and chips, and other goodies left over from Christmas, so the whole “eating healthy” thing is going to wait until after it’s all gone… But this year, I hope to do a better job of resolving myself for the New Year. After all, habits form in 30 days!

So, from all of us here at the Student Life Blog, Happy New Year! All the best in 2017, and good luck with any resolutions you attempt this coming year—maybe we can keep track of them together!

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