You Know You’re a Nerd When…

Written by: Billie Clark

After heading out to Toronto this weekend to see Potted Potter (a Harry Potter parody two-man play), and stopping in at a “Just You Sarah & Tom” store while I was downtown, I was thinking about how much of a nerd I am. If it wasn’t obvious based on my anime recommendations posts, and the fact that I read fanfiction (points for you if you caught that mentioned in previous blogs), I also have a huge collection of manga and anime, and a collection of anime figurines and plushies. Plus, there are the t-shirts—my graphic tee collection is comprised of school swag and “nerd” shirts.

But “nerd” is such an all-encompassing term, and something I think really ought to be embraced. Everyone has a bit of nerd in them, so here are 20 ways to find where your little bit lies. This list is far from complete, so comment with any that I missed, and let’s all get our nerd on!

You know you’re a nerd when:

  1. You have to buy all the books in the series, even the side-stories and novellas, for completion’s sake, if nothing else.
  2. You have ever cosplayed, tried to cosplay, talked about cosplaying, or have a Facebook photo album (or page, or group) dedicated to who you want to cosplay as.
  3. You have a collection of fandom knickknacks, usually including a mug.
  4. Your tee-shirts help you make friends with similar people (example: “Hey, that’s a great shirt! I love that show!”)
  5. You have more than 3 fandom keychain charms on your keychain (bonus if some of them are meant to be cell phone charms)
  6. You have cell phone charms, and actually use them.
  7. You’re phone background is related to a TV show, movie, game, book series, music group, or app.
  8. You have read more fanfiction than you would probably admit to (bonus if you have accounts on more than one fanfiction/fanworks website)
  9. You have written fanfiction or created fan art (bonus if you’ve ever published it on a fanworks site; super bonus if it was popular)
  10. You have shopped in “Hot Topic”—more than once, and for yourself.
  11. You can’t actually go into a bookstore without spending money.
  12. You have been to a convention. Any
  13. You can name all the members of the Fellowship of the Ring (bonus if you can also name all the Dwarves that kidnap Bilbo Baggins; super bonus if you can describe if and how they are related to Gimli)
  14. You read the book before you watched the movie or TV show.
  15. You have binge-watched more than two television series (bonus if you have marathon binged multiple TV shows)
  16. You have a least one ringtone or notification tone on your phone related to a film, TV show, or game.
  17. You have watched anime, of your own free will, more than twice (this doesn’t include any anime that you watched while you were between 3 and 13 years old—we’re talking recent-ish)
  18. When people say a sort-of line from a song, you want to sing the rest of the verse.
  19. You can recite the dialogue along with the actors, with proper emphasis.
  20. You are enthusiastic about your interests, and not afraid to share them!

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