Join Us!

Written by: Emma Fish

Our second semester has started and I think ya’ll know what that means. It’s time to cruise around the Get Involved Fair! This year we have numerous clubs to spark your interest. If you are a first year, I highly suggest that you check some of these clubs out and sign up. Clubs are a great way to socialize and meet new people. They also give you experience that you may not be able to have elsewhere. Who can really say that they have been published in their school’s anthology, or were a part of the production of the Vagina Monologues, or got to see the voice actress of Sailor Moon ON CAMPUS!

When I was a first year, it was definitely scary. I stayed behind at my high school to take a victory lap, so the friends that I did have were already a grade ahead of me. The clubs that TrentU Durham offers truly helped me out in more ways than I can express.

One club I want to talk about specifically is Writer’s Block. This club is an amazing outlet for students to explore their creativity and release their stress and frustration. In Writer’s Block we have weekly meetings to review our submissions. Submissions include anything from prose, short stories, poetry, lyrical writing, and even script writing. Submitting pieces is optional if you are uncomfortable with it, however we still welcome you to offer your own critiques and advice whether during the meeting or via email. We also offer cool events like bake sales and pub nights for you to join in on and have yummy cookies and socialize. Our university’s anthology, Chickenscratch, is also a part of this club. Students from both schools submit their work, either 1,500 words of prose or 4 pages of poetry. Last year it was a great success and hopefully this year it will be too! I highly encourage you to dip your toes into the water and try it out. Writing can be a very uplifting experience, especially if you are going through a rough patch.

Another club I want to mention is the Women’s Support Group. Although I was not involved in this club last year, I am this year and I can say from the bottom of my heart that we have become a big family. The girls (and guys) in the club have become my family and it is honestly just such a great support system to have. We have hangout nights every now and then, and we had a reuse/resell sale recently where all the proceeds went to breast cancer research. A great way to get involved is to come join in and audition for the upcoming production of the Vagina Monologues. This is a production focused on women’s empowerment, and there are also roles open to men. It’s a great way to socialize and get to know people if more theatrical activities interest you.

So, whoever reads this, you should definitely stop by the hallway in front of the library to check out some of the clubs. They are all a lot of fun and are full of interesting ideas and activities. I guess I will leave you all with this last message: Get Involved!

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