Wish You Were Here… A Letter from North Oshawa

Written by: Taylor Dobbs

Hey everybody! Welcome back to TrentU Durham, here’s hoping that your Christmas breaks were full of fun, family and presents. Some of you may have seen me around campus lately and thought to yourselves: “Hey, I thought he was supposed to be in England right now!” To the many of you who have thought this, aww, thanks for thinking of me. I am, indeed, not in England and I thought I would share a few reasons why.

I will begin on a sad note, but I promise it gets happier. My grandfather (Grampie)’s health was failing and unfortunately passed away very recently. We were very close and I wanted to be at home to be closer to him and beat him in a few games of Cribbage. Hard to do that across the pond.

On to happier things! My older brother Nathan is getting married to his beautiful fiancé, Midnight. Yes, Midnight (Midnight Star, actually). I am super excited for them and was honoured to be asked to be a groomsman. Staying right here in Canada lets me be closer to them and help them prepare for their big day.

Also have you heard how many amazing things are happening at Trent Durham this year? The events I’m helping plan for TESSO and the Trent Durham Improv Troupe have me bouncing in my seat writing this. I’m ecstatic that I get to be here to experience them and hope that you guys will come out and see them too. This campus has become such a vibrant community, or, dare I say, family, that I am completely in love with. All of these things contributed to what turned out to be an easy decision between a new experience in a foreign land and what incredible things are in store for me right here in Canada and I am certain I made the right choice.

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