Want to Improve Life at TrentU Durham? Run for the TDSA Executive!

Written by: Taylor Dobbs

Hey everyone! It’s a beautiful time of year to have your voice heard and make sure your experience at TrentU Durham is a great one. Luckily for you, the upcoming elections are the perfect opportunity for you to flex that muscle called your opinion. The elections here at TrentU Durham for the executive positions are happening very soon and a brief description might help if you are confused about what any of this election shenaniganry means.

The executive positions being voted on by you this year are the Vice Presidents of Campus Life and University Affairs and the President position. You may be asking, why does this matter to me? Easy, these three people are in charge of making sure TrentU Durham meets your expectations and the high standards I hope you set for your post-secondary education.

The Vice President of Campus Life, especially, works hard to ensure that TrentU Durham is an open and inclusive place that students are happy to come and get involved at. The current VPCL, doing a marvelous job this year, is Jaclyn Hruby. She works hard all year organizing and promoting events for the campus and the many clubs and organizations that operate there.

The Vice President of University Affairs is in charge of policies and ensuring that TrentU Durham is free to grow as a university and students are able to attend to their studies in the knowledge that their university is always on their side and wants to see them succeed. The wonderful Kayla Smith is our dedicated VPUA this year.

Overseeing this, and budget issues, and the campus more generally, is the President, who works hard to keep TrentU Durham functioning efficiently. Joseph Cassidy-Skof is our hard working and dedicated President this year. Him and the Vice Presidents are the ones you want to thank for the great year you are having!

These positions are going to have a major impact on your life on campus next year and it is super important that you know what is happening so you can make an informed decision. Even if you see that a person is running for a position unopposed, they still need your support and a vote of “yes!” I hope that you will feel comfortable voting for the people who will be working hard to make next year your best year yet!

Nominations are still open! For information on running, or if you would like any other information on the elections, stop by the TDSA office or go to the TDSA website.

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