In the Name of the Moon!

Written by: Billie Clark

Sailor Moon fans rejoice! If you weren’t able to get to Anime North or FanExpo last year, then you missed out on some truly spectacular panels—including one with the ORIGINAL English voice cast for the Sailor Moon dub.

Most people are probably familiar with Sailor Moon, even if you never actively watched it. It is one of those anime that played on TV while I was growing up—along with Pokémon, Digimon, and many more Viz and 4!Kidz dubs. You might have watched, or maybe you read the manga, or watched the new Sailor Moon Crystal or any of the other Sailor Moon anime and manga. Or you might have seen the art or gifs or fanart or posters—or any of the merch, up to and including the t-shirts and knickknacks they sell at “Hot Topic”. There also the apps and games related to Sailor Moon, and the parodies, spoofs, and call-backs found throughout anime (almost any magical girl anime you can think of will probably have some elements that remind of Sailor Moon in particular—and the magical boy anime from a few years ago was on point will its Sailor Moon inspirations). Sailor Moon is even immortalized in a Bare Naked Ladies song.

It’s popular. But so what? Why am I spending a blog talking about Sailor Moon? That’s easy—this Thursday evening, Linda Ballantyne (the original English voice actor of Sailor Moon herself) will be on campus. That’s right: for free, and open to the public, you can see Linda Ballantyne speak, meet her, and get an autograph or picture—all at TrentU Durham.

From 5-6 pm, Linda will be speaking, and then be available for autographs and photos for half an hour afterwards. That is happening this Thursday, January the 26th. Please note that you have to bring your own material to be autographed, as Linda won’t be selling or giving any out.

For more information, and to stay up-to-date with this event, check out the Association for Animation Appreciation Facebook page, and say you’re coming to the “Sailor Moon at Trent” event. I am super pumped about meeting Sailor Moon—and to get to hear more about voice acting, anime production and translation, and the entertainment industry in general. This isn’t just an event for Sailor Moon fans, it is so much more!

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