My Next Big Adventure!

Written by: Katie Cassin

It’s only the third week back in classes, but already many of us are filled with the daunting question, “What should I do in May?” Maybe you’re looking to get a summer job, or register in a summer course, or perhaps you’re on the home-stretch, about to leave your undergraduate studies behind, and have found yourself in a panic. The panic can be overwhelming, trust me, I’ve been there.

Since I began my time at Trent, I knew that I wanted to continue on with education in some capacity. I’ve always been hooked on school and studying, and I knew I didn’t want to end it after four years. I really struggled to find my way academically and because of that I looked into other undergraduate programs. Once I found an area of study that I really liked, I was on to the task of figuring out what comes next. I’m a planner, I’ve always been a planner, and I thought that I needed to figure it out right then and there.

From there on I decided to look into post-graduate certificate options, because I knew I wanted to narrow my focus and gain hands on experiences by specialising. I flipped between theatre, film and television production, radio, and publishing. But, none of these felt right. I wanted the perfect balance of the creative aspect I love so much from my background in English Literature and Media Studies, and the structure that comes from more practical or professional areas of learning.

So, I have decided to take the Postgraduate Certificate in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at our campus. It is the right fit for me, and surely a great program for me right now. It will give me the opportunity to use my creative side that I am always longing to nourish, by creating marketing strategies to improve customer and company experiences. I can’t wait to begin, and see how my interests can influence a professional field. I hope this is the field that I’m meant to be in, and I get the feeling it is. But as I like to tell people, if this isn’t what I’m meant to do, it’s another experience to understand myself better and one step closer to find out what I will truly love.

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