The Debate of the Century!

Written by: Billie Clark

If you are anything like me, you are probably completely done with politics in all its forms. I am so tired from the Presidential election—I was over it in November.

But, as unenthusiastic as I may be about provincial, national, and even international politics, I am still extremely invested in the politics at TrentU Durham.

If you didn’t know there were politics on campus you must not have been outside the library this past week. It was campaign week for the TDSA Executives! And today, at 12:30, is the debate.

Come out to the Front Atrium for 12:30 today to watch the debate. Candidates will explain their platforms, and try to garner the support of you, the students and voters!

Voting begins Tuesday, and goes until February 2—be sure to vote, because your voice will shape the direction of next year’s TDSA.

Be in the Atrium for the debate, and get informed, because it’s your university, your campus, and your democracy!

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