Valentine’s Day for Singles!

Written by: Katherine Nocera

Hey everyone! Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day that happy couples confess their undying love for each other on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts. It is also the day that I cuddle with my dog and read those posts in angst! Do you feel the same way as I do on Valentine’s Day? Well, dear reader, fret no longer because I’ve compiled a list of ideas that will be just as fun as having a Valentine!

  • Have a pajama and movie night!

Why not invite a bunch of your single friends over and have an epic movie night?! The night can consist of making Valentine’s themed snacks, board games and a whole lot of Netflix (besides the “chill” part of course).

  • Treat yourself to a day at the spa.

A great way to spend Valentine’s Day is to take a day for yourself and just relax. This may seem a little strange because you’re taking yourself on a date but I think that being alone does not always have to be miserable. Enjoy the single life and learn to be happy by yourself!

  • Buy someone you love a gift.

To me, Valentine’s Day is not just about couples and romance. I believe it to be a general celebration of love. So why not express your love towards a family member or close friend and buy them something special. It doesn’t have to be big, even a box of chocolates can show someone you care!

  • Do whatever makes you happy.

At the end of the end, whether you’re single or happily in a relationship Valentine’s Day is just another day! Whether you want to attach meaning to it or not is your decision. So I encourage you to do whatever makes you happy or fulfilled on that day, whatever that may be.

Until next time…

Ciao. xx

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