Things to Do this Family Day!

Written by: Jessica Geer

Family Day was first introduced in Ontario on February 18, 2008. To most people Family Day is celebrated by staying at home and spending quality time with your family members but this isn’t exactly the case. On Family Day in Ontario, there are numerous events and activities available to us!

Listed below are specific events taking place in Ontario this Family Day weekend, February 18-20!

  1. Blue Mountain Village has scheduled events all throughout the Family Day weekend from fireworks to snowshoe hikes!
  2. The Ontario Science Centre also has great interactive hands-on activities that are not only fun for children but also informative. They also have an OMNIMAX theater that shows films!
  3. The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is hosting a Family Fun Day that has discounted admissions available Family Day weekend. The AGO is also hosting a Kid’s Gallery of Ontario where children can participate in activities pertaining to art and creativity.
  4. Family Day at the Hockey Hall of Fame has the very first 3D hockey movie and has the greatest collection of hockey artifacts.
  5. The Toronto Zoo is also open! Although it is still chilly outside, the zoo still has their panda exhibit open to the public!
  6. Lastly! Did you know that all movie theaters are open Family Day weekend!?

If you decide that this Family Day weekend you want to do something out-of-the-box, check out one of these great options for family quality time!

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