Jack Talks

Written by: Billie Clark

I hope you have all seen the Jack Talks posters that are up all around campus. They’re blue, there’s a microphone on them, and they let you know there will be free food for attending the event…

But what is a “Jack Talks”? The posters let you know that there will be trained youth speakers, and that it will be about mental health—but that isn’t a lot of information. So I found out some more.

The Jack Talks Project was started following the suicide of Jack Windeler, a first-year Queens University student who was struggling with mental illness. His parents asked family and friends to donate to the Kids Help Phone in an effort to help other university students in similar situations. Due to the overwhelming response and support, Jack’s parents decided to start the Jack Talks Project in order to do more.

The Jack Talk event will provide a space for trained youth speakers to talk about mental health, from their experiences, to helping others, and even things like the stigma associated with mental health and mental illness. For more information on the Project, check out the Jack Talks website!

The event will be happening on Tuesday March 7 (that’s only next week!) from 11:30 am until about 2 pm, in the Front Atrium. It seems like a long block of time, but the first half hour is when you can grab some free food, and the final hour is set aside for questions, discussion, and more free food.

Everyone is invited—this event has been organized and is being hosted by the Trent Durham Health Promotions Team, and it will be an interesting and informative few hours. I look forward to seeing you there!

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