March Madness

Written by: Billie Clark

Somehow it is already March! Despite the quasi-misleading title, this post isn’t actually about collegiate basketball in the USA. This is a blog about the numerous events happening on campus this month.

By this time, your midterms should all be over (or, they should all be over soon) and it’s getting closer to final project deadlines. It’s okay, this isn’t a “let’s stress!” blog—this is a “do something fun!” blog, and I’m here to let you know about those fun things.

Today, our extramural soccer team is actually at a tournament at Humber College North for the day, so if you know anyone on the team, message them a quick “Good Luck!” to show your support.

Tuesday, March 7 is Jack Talks in the Front Atrium from 11:30 am until 2 pm. There will be free refreshments! For more info on this event, check out the blog I wrote about it here, and come check out the event (I’ll be volunteering there, so feel free to say “Hi” to me, too).

Wednesday, March 8 is the Trent English Student Society of Oshawa (TESSO) Ghost Story event. From 9:30 to 11 that night, people will be reading and sharing their favourite ghost and scary stories, slumber-party style. Bring your own blanket and check out their Facebook event page or the posters on campus.

Friday, March 10 (one week from today) is the annual Semi-formal dinner and dance. This year’s theme is “Secret Garden” and tickets are available in the TDSA Office tuck shop right now! If you buy them in advance, you can save $5—they are $15 in advance, and $20 at the door and for non-TDSA members (so that means you can bring a date, even if they aren’t a Trent Durham student!). It starts at 6:30 pm: the dinner is buffet-style and there will be a DJ. Check out the Facebook event, the posters scattered around campus, or ask about it in the TDSA office. It’s always a lot of fun!

Saturday, March 11 there is going to be a Paint Nite event on campus. This is an alumni legacy project, and proceeds are going to Joanne’s House. Tickets are $45 and it includes the cost of dinner and all necessary art supplies. For more info, check out the Paint Nite event page or the posters on campus. There has also been a table set up outside the library throughout this week, so I recommend stopping by for more info on the event and the cause they are supporting if you see anyone manning the table!

So, that covers the entire second week of March—and there is still more to come! I told you, March Madness was an appropriate title. Here’s a quick summary of the rest of the month:

Tuesday, March 14: March Break Open House (expect a lot of people!)

Wednesday, March 15: Accessibility Workshop from 1-2 pm

Friday, March 17: Muslim Student Association Gala Dinner (Tickets are on sale now outside the library, and cover the cost of dinner and entertainment)

And, finally, there will be the Winter Annual General Meeting later this month—keep your eyes peeled for more information, so that you can come out for some free food and to see what’s been happening with your TDSA.

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