Written by: Emma Fish

Did I catch your attention?

Good, because I hate myself for titling this something so clichéd. But once we get into this topic you will figure out how it works in this case.

You only live once. That statement is, sadly, true.

It’s hard sometimes trying to figure out what you want out of life. Not even just vocation wise, but there are other grey areas as well like love and education. Everyone tells you when you are in high school that you have to figure out what you want to do ASAP or the world will explode. Not all of us have that kind of luck. Life is more confusing than it seems.

Let’s take this apart piece by piece.

We’ll start with education. Sometimes it’s a hit or a miss. Some people drop out and go straight into the work field. Others get really lucky and find what they love right off the bat. And then there are those that have to suffer through the pain of listening to their mother and deciding on a major that really did not fit what they wanted (I am one of them). But honestly, if you find what you love to learn, then stick with it. Whether it is History, English or some sort of Molecular Science. Do what you love and don’t listen to anyone else. That might be horrible advice, but I should have listened to it myself.

We can skip to the career aspect of life now. This can sometimes be a pain. Okay, well it’s usually a pain. I know for myself finding a job, let alone deciding what I want for a career is a struggle. All the rejection is a little disappointing. You could have a well put together resume, have an interview that went successfully, and then never get a call. It’s frustrating and disappointing. Just remember that as you are going through this journey in life to still try to follow what you love. Remember that and you can’t go wrong.

Love is an even bigger pain. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. All I can really say is try to trust your gut feeling and follow your heart.

Anyways, this is the Fish signing off.

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