ROM Curator to Speak at TrentU Durham

Written by: Kaitlin Manning

Hey guys! As you may already know, the Trent University Department of Anthropology (TUDA) hosts a lecture each semester as part of their ongoing guest lecture series. In these lectures, an academic will come to Trent Durham to share their exciting research and experiences in the field of anthropology and other related disciplines.

This guest lecture we will be welcoming Dr Reichel, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and Curator at the Royal Ontario Museum. He will be speaking about the UNESCO World Heritage site of Palmyra and the destruction brought on by ISIL/ISIS on cultural heritage sites in the Middle East. He will also be discussing the implications that this destruction will have on Syrian culture and on world history.

Attending these lectures provides a really great opportunity to gain knowledge and new perspectives of the world, as well as a better understanding of the importance of modern day anthropology. The variety of lecture topics will also provide students with access to areas of study that may not be available in their classes at TrentU Durham. This particular lecture topic was actually chosen by anthropology students from Trent University Durham.

Personally, I always enjoy attending the guest lectures. I come away feeling more knowledgeable about various anthropological and cultural topics, and am always inspired by the dedication and passion that each lecturer displays throughout their presentation.

Everyone is invited to attend this exciting, informative event –whether you are an anthropology student or not—as we can all benefit from the experience. You will not regret taking the time to listen to the fascinating and relevant topics that will be discussed.

The lecture will take place on Thursday March 16th at Trent University Durham.  It will be held in room 125 will go from 5:00-6:30 pm, and is completely free.

Hope to see you there!

Kaitlin is a TrentU Durham student who graduated with an Honours BA in English Lit with a minor in Anthropology in May 2016. She is currently attending TrentU Durham for the HRM Post-grad certificate program.

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