AGM Notice

Written by: Billie Clark

Alright ladies and gentlemen, as promised: information on our Winter Annual General Meeting!

As some of you might know, every year TrentU Durham students are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) hosted and presented by the Trent Durham Student Association (TDSA). This year, two AGMs are on the agenda—one in the Fall term (which was held in November), and one in the Winter term (which is fast approaching).

The AGM is where students can learn more about what the TDSA has been up to during the course of the academic year—what changes they’ve made to their rules, roles, and duties; what they’ve done to support the success of TrentU Durham; and what they plan to do into the spring before they switch with the incoming Executives.

An AGM needs at least 20 TDSA members present to achieve quorum—and we need a quorum at this meeting because there is a bylaw change that needs to be approved by members.

So who, exactly, is a TDSA member? Well, if you attend TrentU Durham for classes and pay any tuition fees to TrentU Durham, you are probably a TDSA member. If you received the Student Benefits (even if you opted out) you are definitely a TDSA member. If you have a TrentU Durham bus pass or the gym membership for the Civic from TrentU Durham, you are 100% a TDSA member. Basically, if you attend classes on this campus, have paid fees to this campus, or are a student employee on this campus, it is safe to assume you are also a TDSA member.

The AGM is happening on Wednesday, March 22 (that’s this Wednesday) at 12:30 in the Front Atrium. It will include The Year in Review, the executives’ plans for the rest of their term in office, the financial report (so you can see how your fees have been spent!), and, as previously mentioned, a bylaw change needs to be voted on.

By attending the AGM, you will get to see how the TDSA has been running this year, what they are planning to do for the rest of the year, and you can raise any questions or concerns you have. Also, there will be free food.

So come out to the AGM this Wednesday in the Front Atrium for some free food and some insight into what your Student Association has been up to since the Fall semester.

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