Meditation for Beginners!

Written by: Katherine Nocera

Hey everyone! With final exams right around the corner, I think we can all agree that this point in the semester is the most stressful! There is no question that university can sometimes be overwhelming. However, I think it’s important is to recognize and handle that stress in a way that works for you. One way I have started reducing the stress that school brings is through mediation. Now, I am in no way whatsoever a qualified mediation expert. But, here are some tips that I use to help me!

  • Find a peaceful environment.

Whether this is in your bedroom, a library or even a closet, it is important to try and find a place with no distractions. It is highly important to avoid an external stimulation which means no T.V or phones.

  • Keep it simple!

Meditation does not have to be a task that lasts for an hour. In fact, even 10 or 15 minutes could suffice. I suggest to try and set a schedule of a specific time of day to meditate. This way it can become part of your daily routine!

  • Clear your mind.

I will admit that this is the step I have the most problems with. It is so easy for my mind to wander instead of just focus. Something that has really helped me is to focus on just one thing. Rather than sitting in silence, try repeating a mantra or maybe even keep focus on a visual object.

  • Use Apps.

In order to have extra help when meditating, I would highly recommend the app “Headspace” for beginners. It is free app that’s available in both the Google Play store and the App store.

I hope that this was in any way helpful to you! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of these tips or if you have any other suggestions! 🙂

Ciao. xx

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