Fun (and Free) Events on Campus

Written by: Billie Clark

I know it’s getting to that time of year again—exams are next week, and it’s getting crazy in classes. I know that. I feel that.

But I also have a couple of cool—and free—events happening on campus this week to help you take your mind of upcoming exams for a little while.

On Thursday, April 6, from 9:30 am until 2 pm, there is something really neat happening in room 116. That’s right, tomorrow is Research Day at TrentU Durham! This is a free event, complete with a free lunch, happening all day. Students and Faculty will be presenting the fruits of their labour this year. Come in and see what our students and professors have achieved this year. You can register here.

The other big thing happening this week is the TrentU Durham Improv Show! That’s right, the troupe is once more taking the stage, right here on campus, Friday night. Starting at 8 pm on Friday, April 7, the TrentU Durham Improv Troupers will be performing in a free show. If you’ve never seen an improv show, you are missing out—improv shows have it all: drama, action, laughter, and snark. It’s like watching Who’s Line is it Anyway? in real life—and our TrentU Durham Troupers are top-notch. Come on out and bring your family, friends, neighbours, and random strangers, and forget your exams for a couple hours on Friday night.

There you are, a couple free and fun events this week to get to end your semester with a bang before the exam period sets in.

Keep your eyes on here for some more exam prep and study tips, too!

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