A Note to my First-Year Self from my Fourth-Year Self

Written by: Aimee MacPherson

If there was one thing I could probably have told myself in first year, it’s that there is no rush to do everything you want.

Way back when I was just experiencing everything new about Trent, I wanted to join every club, be a part of every event, and somehow also have time for classes and homework. Trying to cram everything into one year just wasn’t working, but some time later I realized there would be moments to experience everything Trent had to offer me – from extra-curriculars to stress-busting events that are always happening. I became really overwhelmed by everything I had signed myself up for, and felt like if I didn’t experience everything right away I’d be missing out on the “university experience” friends and family had been telling me about.

As my fourth year is coming to a close I can safely say that I got a chance to do what I wanted to do, even spreading things out over the course of a few more years.

So here is my note to my past self: take things slowly, and remember there’s time to do everything in 4 years. You’re adjusting to a lot of totally new experiences: living away from home, being completely independent, setting your own time management for classes, and making the transition from high school life to university life. There is no rush! Try out a few new things here and there rather than getting it all done at once. Most of all, don’t feel like you have to do more just because everyone else seems to be so busy. There will be plenty of time to be busy and worry about papers and exams.

Take the first few years to settle into the experience, you’ll remember it for many years to come in the future.

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