A love letter to the parents of graduating students

Written by: Katie Cassin

Dear moms, dads, and guardians,

The time is coming for many of us to graduate, after a long, exciting, and often trying 3 or 4 years. And as we are filled with weeks of congratulations, luncheons, and praise, I wanted to take the chance now to thank you, our faithful support system, on all of the work you’ve done for us over the past few years.

I know it hasn’t been easy, but you’ve put up with it all. From dropping that poli-sci class too late in the semester, to defending us at family dinners when we’re asked the infuriating question “so what can you do with an English degree once you graduate?”.

There were times that I came home in tears telling you that I didn’t know if I could do it, and instead of telling me to pick myself up by the bootstraps, you let me know that I have succeeded before, and that no matter what, even if it doesn’t seem like it, my hard work matters.

You congratulated me on the good grades, and comforted me with the bad ones. You fed me, did my laundry, and neatly just “organized” my mess when exam season came, even though you didn’t have to. You assured me that my fears for the future were valid, yet you calmed me and made me understand it for what it truly is.

It was hard to grow up so quickly. I felt like I came into University still a child, who was expected to be a fully bloomed adult. But you were there for me, cheering me on, even though it’s taking a little longer than perhaps both of us expected.

Through it all, you’ve been there for me. You made it to every first day of school, till the last one that you helped me unpack my residence room and gave me the reigns. And although I have been a little more responsible for packing my lunches, making sure my library books are brought in on time, and making sure I don’t miss any academic deadlines, your support hasn’t faded. In fact, at times I need it more than ever.

So thank you for sticking it through with me these past few years. I promise to make you proud in the next few years to come.


Trent Durham Student

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