Applications Open!

Written by: Billie Clark

Well, TrentU Durham students, classes are done, exams are over, and summer is on its way!

For some of you, that might include spring and summer courses—either online or on campus. Some of you might be graduating this year and looking for jobs or careers or preparing for teacher’s college or a post-grad or graduate degree. And others are working their summer jobs to save up for fall tuition.

If you are a current TrentU Durham student, a recent graduate, or an incoming student about to start your time at TrentU Durham in the fall, there’s a way for you to be involved with the campus and the community over the summer: you can join the Student Life Blog (this thing right here!!).

That’s right—you can have your writing published on this university-affiliated, student-run blog. Share your experiences, tips, tricks, and opinions! Let people know about the best places around campus to hang out, cool venues to visit, and neat landmarks. Share your recipes and recommendations. This blog is by the students, for the students—and we love to have more writers join our team!

And if you don’t write—no worries! We’re interested in expanding to podcast-style posts and vlogs. And editors are always welcome, as are people who can use HTML and CSS.

Being part of the Student Life Blog is a great addition to any resume, and you will have your writing published and shared!

If you’re interested, follow this link to apply to be a contributor. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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