Graduation Dinner 2017

Written by: Billie Clark

If you are eligible to graduate this June, you’ve probably already received the emails asking you to RSVP for the Graduation Dinner and the Durham Convocation.

The deadline to RSVP for the Graduation Dinner is June 2—that is today. If you have already RSVP’d, that’s great! If you haven’t, here are some reasons that you should:

  1. Free Food

I know, I know, it’s a bit of a cliché—but a free meal is always a good choice! Besides the fact that you’ll be attending a free catered dinner, you get to share a table, and an evening, with your fellow graduating student, your professors, and different members of the TrentU Durham and Trent University staff and faculty. And the food will be delicious.

  1. It’s A Good Time

The Grad Dinner is actually a really enjoyable way to spend the night. You can mix and mingle with your classmates, peers, favourite staff members and teaching staff, and brush shoulders with different members of the TrentU Durham community. There will be speeches and awards, none of which will be tedious or dull. Last year, Dr Joel Baetz spoke at the Grad Dinner, in a speech addressed to the graduating class as The Last Lecture. It was poignant, moving, and humorous, and encapsulated my time at TrentU Durham. To listen to the speech, click here. I’m looking forward to seeing who will be delivering the lecture this year, and who will be winning awards!

  1. To Celebrate YOUR Achievement

If you are graduating this June, this dinner is to recognize and celebrate you. You are a VIP, and this entire dinner has been put together to support you, to celebrate the completion of your degree—be it one-year, three-years, four-years, or however-many-years it took you to earn it. You have reached the point where you are going to be crossing that graduation stage, receiving that piece of paper that represents your time, effort, and education. And the staff, faculty, and students at TrentU Durham want to help you recognize that achievement for what it is—it is a brilliant and wonderful thing! This dinner enables you to thank your profs, talk to you classmates, meet Joe Muldoon, take pictures, and look to the future. It’s a bit of a bittersweet moment for some people, but it something you, as a graduating student, should try to attend.

The Dinner is on Friday, June 9, and Convocation in Durham will be on Wednesday, June 14. For more information on either event, click here.

Today is the absolute deadline to RSVP for the Graduation Dinner. Check your Trent University email for the link to RSVP—and don’t forget to register for the Durham Convocation while you’re there!

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