3 Cheap Father’s Day Gift Ideas (under $20)!

Written by: Katherine Nocera

Hey everyone! As I am sure you’re all aware of, Father’s Day 2017 is on June 18th. Yet, as this holiday is quickly approaching, we university students are faced with the most difficult problem. Yes, finding an awesome gift all while being on a student budget. Let me tell you, it’s way harder then it seems! Luckily for you, I am coming to your rescue by putting together a list of cheap and amazing Father’s Day gift ideas!

  • A personalized mug

In my opinion, you could never go wrong by getting a gift that is personalized for your father. One idea is to design a personalized mug with all pictures of some of your favorite memories together. ($13.97, Walmart)dad1

  • New Phone Case

Regardless how tech savvy your Father is (or isn’t) a cool new phone case is always something that anyone would appreciate! Besides, most phone cases on Amazon.ca are under $20! Score! ($19.85, Amazon)dad2

  • Cologne

A couple of years ago, I stumbled across a cheap cologne that I bought for my Dad. It turns out that it’s now his favourite cologne so I buy it every year for him. It’s called “Instinct” by David Beckham and is usually sold for around $16.00! I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a cheap cologne that smells really good!dad3

I hope that this list had helped you find the perfect and most affordable gift to give to your Dad on his special day! At the end of it all, I am sure he will be happy with anything no matter how big or small. 🙂

Until next time…


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