Summer Workout Tips

Written by: Katherine Nocera

Hey everyone! For most of us, the past winter season was a time of hibernation. And by hibernation I mean spending most of the time at a desk doing hours and hours of studying and assignments! Now that it’s almost summertime, you may be interested in being a little more active and staying healthy. One of the most difficult things, however, may be getting started. This is why I’ve formulated quick and easy summer workout tips that will hopefully make you feel great and reach all your summertime fitness goals!

  • Make a weekly plan.

A great tip for any workout routine is to start off by setting a goal. Think about when you can fit in your exercise during the week and create a daily schedule. You can even specify by including what kind of workout you will complete that day (ex. arms, legs, cardio).

  • Find a workout buddy.

Sometimes working out by yourself can be a bit lonely so why not invite a friend to workout with you! You will not only stay more motivated but it can also help make the workout much more enjoyable.

  • Do home programs.

At home workouts are perfect during those excruciating hot summer days. I highly recommend searching YouTube for a workout routine. The videos are great, plus, it’s free!

  • Buy summer workout gear.

If you are planning to workout outside, it is really important to find breathable and comfortable workout gear. This way you can stay cool during those hot summer days!

  • Have fun!

And the most important tip of all is to have fun! You should not feel miserable while working out or feel like you “have” to. Instead, find a workout routine that you find enjoyable and stick to it.

Until next time…

Ciao. xx

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