Written by: Aimee MacPherson

As a fan of anime, I’m someone who watches a lot of shows. And I mean a lot of shows, with my backlog adding up to something around 120 unwatched series. So what does this mean? It means that for me, not a lot of shows are able to genuinely take me by surprise while watching them. However, this isn’t always the case. One such exception is the show I’m going to talk about today. ERASED premiered with it’s one and only season in winter of 2016, beginning in January and concluding in March. ERASED is short, but it is a special show that managed to have me on the edge of my seat each consecutive week during its initial broadcast. This show is exceptional with the details that it provides to viewers, although none of these can be explored in-depth until the conclusion of the show, or I’d be giving everything away. So instead of my usual reviews, I’ll provide a short synopsis while being as vague as possible, and try to encourage you all to experience this show, which I personally consider one of my favourites.

Satoru, a middle-aged man hopes to find his place in the world as a struggling manga artist. Bogged down by his consistent failure to provide anything of quality, he goes through the motions of his life. But there’s something special about Satoru: he has an ability called Revival that allows him to move back a few moments in time in order to stop accidents or bad situations from happening. One day, he finds that his ability has not taken him back a few moments, but rather a number of years (18 years in fact – making him 11). This gives him the ability to stop a mysterious murderer from his childhood, who had abducted a number of children in his neighbourhood. Faced with the opportunity to change his future by catching the murderer of the past, Satoru begins his mission.

If anyone is interested in watching this 12-episode show, it is currently available to stream from Funimation and Crunchyroll, and for those interested in an analysis of some moments from ERASED (that are well-executed) here are some YouTube links as well.

Happy Viewing!

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