Happy Belated Birthday, Harry Potter!

Written by: Aimee MacPherson

As someone who likes to daydream and have wild adventures inside my head, Harry Potter was something that immediately appealed to me as a young kid. Reading books is and always has been a way to take a moment outside of the real world to enter a fictional one, and J.K. Rowling is a woman who has excellent world-building skills. This year, many fans (known at times as Potterheads) celebrate the 20th anniversary of not only the book series, but what has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon since 1997 when the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone debuted. In 2017 fans are now able to enjoy a series of 7 total main-series novels, several side stories, 9 films from the Harry Potter universe to date, a stage play, and installments in amusement parks around the world. Fans can even head to the Pottermore website in order to become a part of the world more than ever before. It is possible to be sorted into a house from both Hogwarts and Ilvermorny (the Wizarding School in America). You can find out which wand was made specifically for you, complete with details such as the core (for example, mine is made of dragon heartstring) and the length. Even more exciting, fans can finally find out their Patronus by taking a short quiz that also includes magical animation sequences. Even 20 years later, it seems as though Harry Potter is anything but forgotten. If anything, the Harry Potter world is larger and more detailed with more fans than ever before.

Have fun celebrating the remainder of the 20th anniversary, fellow Potterheads!

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