Fall Orientation 2017: See You There!

Written by: Billie Clark

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little surprised that it’s already practically mid-August! Where did the summer go?

For many of us, the end of August means one thing: the start of the school year. When I started the summer, I was expecting to be ending it with a full-time job; I didn’t expect to be going back to school shopping. But here I am, early August, and planning on budgeting for the rest of the summer so that I can pay my first semester tuition to TrentU Durham for the sixth year in a row. That’s right, I’m officially coming back—and I couldn’t be more excited!

This year is one I’m particularly excited about, for both personal and more general reasons. As always, the TDSA executive is an amazing group of individuals, and I am so looking forward to seeing what marks they leave on the university and community. I’m registered in a bunch of really cool looking courses, with some exceptional professors—and I’m trying some new things, too! I’ve made up my mind to really use the gym facilities provided at the Civic, and make the most of my athletic membership. I am pumped to be back in the familiar setting, hanging out with old friends and making new ones, and writing for the Student Life Blog. But most of all, I am looking forward to Orientation.

Fall Orientation is something that I have loved since my first year at TrentU Durham. I have only missed it once, and that was because I was in Wales as an exchange student through Trent University (feel free to check out some blogs I’ve written about that, or talk to me about the program and experience). This year’s fall orientation looks to be the biggest and best yet!

Orientation Week is happening from Sunday, September 3, until Friday, September 8—that’s right, there is a full week of orientation events, including a trip to Wonderland, a movie night, and all sorts of other activities and events!

On Tuesday, September 5, and Wednesday, September 6, the Fall Start-Up Orientation is happening on campus. This is my favourite part of orientation, and the reason I go back every year. There are all sorts of orientation activities happening over the course of these two days that will help you meet the rest of the incoming students, as well as members of the staff, the faculty, and other students (including student leaders and the Trent Durham Student Association executives). There are icebreakers and games, as well as information on academic expectations and experiences. Click here for more info on both the Orientation Week and the Fall Start-Up!

So, if you are starting your first year at TrentU Durham—fresh from high school, or transferring from another university or college, or as an exchange student, or as a mature student, or any other way—register today for Oriention Week and the Fall Start-Up Orientation! And if you are interested in sharing your TrentU Durham experience, join the Student Life Blog!

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