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FanExpo 2017

Written by: Aimee MacPherson Coming up in just a couple of weeks from August 31st – September 3rd is one of Toronto’s largest fan events, FanExpo! Every year fans of anime, games, horror, comics, and […]

Fall Orientation 2017: See You There!

Written by: Billie Clark I don’t know about you, but I’m a little surprised that it’s already practically mid-August! Where did the summer go? For many of us, the end of August means one thing: […]

Happy Belated Birthday, Harry Potter!

Written by: Aimee MacPherson As someone who likes to daydream and have wild adventures inside my head, Harry Potter was something that immediately appealed to me as a young kid. Reading books is and always […]


Written by: Aimee MacPherson As a fan of anime, I’m someone who watches a lot of shows. And I mean a lot of shows, with my backlog adding up to something around 120 unwatched series. […]

Throwback: How to do Well in Intro to Psychology

Written by: Mary Prior So you’ve decided to enroll in psyc-101 and are unsure about what to expect. Maybe you’re majoring in psychology, or maybe you just want to get a bit of a taste […]

E3 2017

Written by: Aimee MacPherson This blog post will be focused on the biggest event of the year in gaming – for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, I mean E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) […]

Summer Workout Tips

Written by: Katherine Nocera Hey everyone! For most of us, the past winter season was a time of hibernation. And by hibernation I mean spending most of the time at a desk doing hours and […]