Past Contributors

As the Student Life Blog continues to grow and change, our dedicated writers continue to grow and change with it.  The individuals who have contributed to this blog have worked hard to make it the best representation of the Trent University Durham experience, and their posts can be found by searching for the writer’s first name.

Jill image for blog JILLIAN
| Writer |
Jillian is a part-time English Literature student, as well as the Trent University Durham Academic Mentoring Coordinator. As a mature student, Jillian understands both the challenges and rewards that come with balancing career, family and academics. Through the Academic Mentoring Program, Jillian enjoys assisting fellow students in reaching their academic potential. Jillian lives in Whitby with her husband, Blake, son, Ritchie, and dogs, Gimli and Volt.
| Writer |
Julia is a hockey fanatic and has played since she was four years old. She enjoys playing the guitar and most musical instruments. Julia is in her first year at Trent University Durham, majoring in History. She would like to become a teacher one day.
| Lead |
Shannon wants to live in a world where people care for one another and the environment, but also where force fields can be activated over keyboards to repel kittens from interfering with her work. She is a graduate of English Literature from Trent University Durham and is currently completing her Masters in Education. Shannon is the Student Life Media Team lead and helps to keep this blog and the online communications to the Trent University Durham students up to date and interesting.