Fall Start-Up: What Are You Waiting For?

Written by: Julia DiPalo To all of my fellow first years, its finally here, fall Start-Up. Since I got my acceptance letter in the mail, starting university has been the only thing on my mind. Some of you […]

Transferring from college to university – Scary but Worth It!

Written by: Eileen Magill I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for Fleming’s “University Transfer Program”. In high school I was the typical rebel without a cause (you know the kind: that student you didn’t want […]

Studying Abroad: Living Away From Home

Written by: Billie Clark When I left for Wales, it was my first time leaving the country.  It was my first time flying on such a large plane—and I’m not particularly fond of planes or heights—and I was […]

3 Simple Tips to Survive Your First Lecture: Part 2- Note Taking

Written by: Sarah Camacho Physically preparing yourself for a lecture is one thing. Knowing the proper way to take notes is another thing. There isn’t one right way to take notes during a lecture. Everyone is different, therefore […]

How to Succeed During Your First Undergraduate Year

Written by: Shannon Webb The first year of your undergraduate degree can be stressful and challenging.  Check out these tips to help make your first undergraduate year an easy transition. Ø  Meet with your Academic Advisor: these people […]

Studying Abroad: Preparations

Written by: Billie Clark As a full-time, English Literature student of TrentU Durham, I got to spend a school year abroad in Wales and I’m excited to share my experience with you. I planned to do a […]

Volunteering: Do Good! Do Fun! Do You!

Written by: Julia-Rose DiPalo Volunteering is one of those things that many teenagers try their hardest to avoid. Their reason being “if I’m not getting paid, I don’t want to do it.” For many people just getting […]