How an English Degree is Helping to Make Sense of the World

Written by: Jillian Yuill I was an avid reader as a child. I would sneak books under my pillow before bed, using the sliver of light peeping through my bedroom from the hallway as a makeshift flashlight. […]

To Worry or Not to Worry?

Written by: Katherine Nocera A wise man once said, “I never worry about the future – it comes soon enough.”  Who is this man? Well, it’s none other than the wisest man of them all-Albert Einstein. I […]

Warning: Finding a Job on Campus May Impact Your Entire Future (in a good way)!

Written by: Eileen Magill There is much more to a job than simply the weekly paycheques. This statement is especially true in regard to working on a university campus. In my second year attending Trent University Durham, I […]

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Stress During Exams

Written by: Shannon Webb It’s exam time and whether you have one or five exams, you’re likely stressed.  So let’s look over some great stress busting tips: 1. Lock Yourself In: Study in a non-distracting place where you […]

3 Simple Tips to Survive Your First Lecture

Written by: Sarah Camacho The transition into university can be an overwhelming experience. Walking through those doors for the first time feels a lot like walking through your high school on your first day of grade nine; the […]

Time Management Tips… from the Trenches

Written by: Jillian Yuill I’ll never forget my university mid-term. “Film” was a popular first year class – who doesn’t like watching movies? – but, it had a reputation for being difficult to get good grades. Even though […]

The Best is Yet to Come

Written by: Katherine Nocera Have you ever been asked the question, ”What do you want to be when you grow up?” Over the seventeen years of my life, I have been approached with this question countless times. […]