Valentine’s Day for Singles!

Written by: Katherine Nocera Hey everyone! Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day that happy couples confess their undying love for each other on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts. It is also the day that I cuddle with my dog and read those posts in angst! Do you feel the same way as I do on Valentine’s... Continue Reading →

A Halloween Throwback: 90’s Movies

Written by: Katherine Nocera Hey everybody, Happy Halloween! When flipping through the channels this time of year, I am always hit with major nostalgia. I am pretty sure that all 90s kids, especially, remember the cheesy Disney Channel Halloween movies that were watched over and over until October 31st. So I thought for today’s blog,... Continue Reading →

25 Things I am Thankful For!

Written by: Katherine Nocera Hello everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year again filled with delicious foods such as turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. It is also during this time of the year that people reflect on what makes them most thankful. They usually say things like family…health…life. Of course... Continue Reading →

Useful Apps for University Students

Written by: Katherine Nocera Hey everyone! I am always on the lookout for new ways to make my university life a lot easier. Aren’t we all? Recently, I accidentally came across various school apps in the Google Play Store (I am sorry, Apple users, if you’ve been offended). I had never even realized that there... Continue Reading →

The Birth of Trent University

Written by: Katherine Nocera Hello, everyone! Most of you reading this may be first year students at Trent Durham. Some may be second year students. Others third year students. And so on. However many years you’ve been a student at Trent, have you ever wondered how Trent came about? Who “birthed” Trent University? I certainly... Continue Reading →

Summer 2016 Favourites

Written by: Katherine Nocera Hey everyone! As most of you know, summer is quickly coming to an end---but that doesn’t mean that it is completely over yet. Why not make the most of what we have left?! Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite products and items that made my summer 2016... Continue Reading →

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