AGM Notice

Written by: Billie Clark Alright ladies and gentlemen, as promised: information on our Winter Annual General Meeting! As some of you might know, every year TrentU Durham students are invited to attend the Annual General […]

Let’s Get Political!

Written by: Billie Clark Now that we have completed the TDSA Executive elections, we have a new set ready to move in for the 2017/2018 year. Cool, right? It really is. You nominated, campaigned, promoted, […]

The Debate of the Century!

Written by: Billie Clark If you are anything like me, you are probably completely done with politics in all its forms. I am so tired from the Presidential election—I was over it in November. But, […]

We’ve Got You Covered! Health Benefits for January-start Students

Written by: Billie Clark Hey January-start students! I’ve got some exciting news for you: TrentU Durham students get health and dental coverage! That’s right—the moment you enrol in any TrentU Durham classes, you are opted […]

Want to Improve Life at TrentU Durham? Run for the TDSA Executive!

Written by: Taylor Dobbs Hey everyone! It’s a beautiful time of year to have your voice heard and make sure your experience at TrentU Durham is a great one. Luckily for you, the upcoming elections […]

Student Health and Dental Benefits

Written by: Billie Clark If you follow the TDSA on Facebook, or check your What’s Happening emails, or have walked past the library on the way to the Café, you might have noticed something: TrentU […]

Born Ruffians Concert

Written by: Taylor Dobbs Hey everyone, I hope that your first couple weeks of this new year at TrentU Durham have surpassed your expectations. To bring this year’s excitement up to a whole other level […]