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Throwback: How to do Well in Intro to Psychology

Written by: Mary Prior So you’ve decided to enroll in psyc-101 and are unsure about what to expect. Maybe you’re majoring in psychology, or maybe you just want to get a bit of a taste […]

Throwback: Why Attending Summer Courses Can Make You More Successful

Written by: Jasmine Robichaud I know what you’re thinking. Give away my summer to sit in a poorly ventilated classroom? Never! But fear not my friends, I can tell you why doing exactly that may […]

Throwback: Don’t Procrastinate On Your Own Well-Being

Written by: Aubrey Aguilar “I’ll do it later.” As university students, we find ourselves saying this at some point as we trudge our way through school. We become accustomed to setting things aside when what […]

Throwback: What Do I Want to be When I Grow Up?

Written by: Nicola Van Dam I discovered TrentU Durham existed while I attended Durham College. I had a job in the Campus Bookstore and was stacking Shakespeare plays when a fellow student worker blurted out, […]

Throwback: College movies that are nothing like going the Trent Durham

Written by: Katie Cassin My experience at TrentU Durham has been a little different from what I expected life after high school to be. I definitely expected a lot more crazy parties, people going to […]

Throwback: Final Exam Survival Guide: TrentU Durham Edition

Written by: Katherine Nocera Hello everyone! Picture this…you slowly open your eyes on an early Monday morning and you think to yourself, “Gee, its great not having anything to worry about.” All of a sudden, […]

Throwback: Life After Trent? Let’s Talk Grad School

Written by: Julia DiPalo There are many paths that someone can take after finishing an undergrad. You could get a graduate certificate, or maybe bridge to a college program to get some hands on experience. […]