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Student Health and Dental Benefits

Written by: Billie Clark If you follow the TDSA on Facebook, or check your What’s Happening emails, or have walked past the library on the way to the Café, you might have noticed something: TrentU […]

Born Ruffians Concert

Written by: Taylor Dobbs Hey everyone, I hope that your first couple weeks of this new year at TrentU Durham have surpassed your expectations. To bring this year’s excitement up to a whole other level […]

Two Weeks on Buses, from Ireland to Italy

Written by: Billie Clark I have expounded on my trip to Wales—everyone I’ve talked to since I came back knows I spent a year in Wales, that I lived in Swansea, that I loved every […]

Katherine’s Summertime Booklist!

Written by: Katherine Nocera Hey everybody! Since it is summer, I am sure most of you have been itching for a good book. The problem is- finding a book that will satisfy your summer needs. […]

Throwback: “3 Simple Tips to Survive Your First Lecture: Part 2- Note Taking”

Written by: Sarah Camacho Physically preparing yourself for a lecture is one thing. Knowing the proper way to take notes is another thing. There isn’t one right way to take notes during a lecture. Everyone is different, therefore […]

Billie’s Anime Recommendations: Sports Anime

Written by: Billie Clark One thing that you may or may not know about me is that I like anime.  Actually, I like anime, manga, and other nerdy stuff (like Doctor Who and fanfiction)—but for […]

Katherine’s Book Review: Before I Fall

Written by: Katherine Nocera “So many things become beautiful when you really look.” ― Lauren Oliver, Before I Fall Hello everyone! As you can tell, summertime has officially arrived! It’s that wonderful time of year […]