Meet our authors! These are the faces behind the Student Life Blog who keep it running as a place for you to enjoy.
Here are some fun facts about each of our contributors:

Najnin Zahoor Sadia  IMG_6384

1. I’m in my first year doing my BBA hopefully going to specialize in Accounting (if i survive first year)

2. I love watching movies and TV shows, Netflix turned from pass time to basically an addiction now! Sephora is my second home, so if you ever need someone to obsess over makeup then HIT ME UP! 

3. I was born and raised in Qatar, a little ‘desert’ country in the Middle East, so hearing ‘winter is coming’ is basically music to my ears!

4. I grew up seeing both ends of the spectrum, extreme poverty and wealth hence I am very passionate about helping and bringing awareness to issues that aren’t as known and publicized in the media. I hope to one day work in the UN, to try to make a change to what is a very bureaucratic system now.

5. My name is actually Sadia Najnin Zahoor, but thanks to my dad rushing my forms my first name became my last name. So that is always fun and confusing little ‘ice breaker.’


Emma Fish 

  1. I am a freelance writer. 

  2. I love reading.

  3. I like changing up my hairstyle every year.

  4. I have a dog, although he acts more like a cat or a human
  5. I have bad anxiety

Aimee MacPherson 

  1. I enjoy reading, specifically Romantic period literature 

  2. I’m the president of the Animation club on campus 

  3. I do game livestreams on Twitch

  4. Watching anime is one thing I do most with my time. I love romance anime. 

  5. I’m an English major but I’m an artist on the side. 

Billie Clarke20150519_091726


  1. I am an avid reader
  2. I am addicted to sports anime
  3. I am obsessed with Harry Potter
  4. I have an Honours BA in English Literature 
  5. I love writing


Katie Cassin img-1856

1. I’ve graduated from my undergrad this past year in English Literature and Media Studies. I am now a post-grad student in the Marketing and Entrepreneurship program here at Trent Durham.

2. I like cooking and experimenting with new recipes.

3. I take improv classes in my free time.

4. I have a stubborn mini golden doodle named Riley.

5. I have a passion for film that I don’t always get to indulge in when things get stressful, but I do like to get back to it every once and a while.