If I Could Turn Back Time

Written by: Sarah Camacho

Everyone, at some point in their lives, wishes they could hop into a time machine and turn back time. I’m so close to being done this chapter of my life, so naturally a time machine would be much needed right now. I wouldn’t mind going back to first year where I was still 17 years old and my biggest concern was surviving until reading week.

If I could go back to first year, of course I would change some things…who wouldn’t? First year is a rough year. There are so many changes that it all gets overwhelming. So knowing what I know now, I could make my first year run a little smoother.

Woman pulling clock hands backwardsIf I could go back to first year, I wouldn’t even attempt being a psychology major. I would immediately jump into English because I am so much more successful in that and my life has been a lot easier since I made the switch. In addition to that, being an English major doesn’t mean I have to be a teacher! There are so many options out there and I’d encourage myself to explore different opportunities…It would definitely lessen the anxiety that I’m feeling now.

If I could go back to first year, I’d have the study habits that I have now. I wouldn’t be panicking and stressing out over assignments because I would have better time management and I’d be using the resources that we have on campus.

If I could go back to first year, I wouldn’t be the negative Nancy that I was. I’d force myself to look on the bright side of things and to not be so hard on myself. I need to remind myself that these changes are going to happen regardless of what I want to happen. Therefore, I need to make the most of these changes instead of pouting about it.

If I could go back to first year, would I? I don’t know- I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. So what would’ve happened if I changed my first year experience? I don’t think I want to find out because, boy am I happy with how the way things are ending.

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