Things to do in Oshawa

Photos and Written By Amy Bridges

So now that things have opened a little more what is there to do in Oshawa? A great feature of the Trent Durham campus is where it is. There are so many different bus routes around the campus which makes getting anywhere in Durham very easily. Or you could even walk to some places but since the nights are getting cooler, I wouldn’t suggest walking too far.


Oshawa has a lot of shopping opportunities and the main mall is right by the campus which makes things either really convenient or really troublesome because well all the shopping.

Food and Drink things

Oshawa has some great eatery places. If you want comfort go to Teddy’s. If you want atmosphere and great company, check out Brew Wizards. You could also check out our blog on restaurants close to campus .


Oshawa is filled with museums and art galleries. There are museums dedicated to the history of Oshawa like the Oshawa Museum, and Parkwood Estates where movies have also been on the property. The Tribute Centre has hockey games and other events (they are going to look different but I believe there are still some events happening there). Oshawa also has its own Zoo and well who doesn’t love cute animals. You could also check out a blog I wrote pre pandemic about having fun in Durham Region.

I definitely haven’t added all of the things to do in Oshawa but I have started a small list. If there is anything you think I should add feel free to leave a comment!

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